IN YOUR FLINT DIVORCE most orders and proceeding will continue. Contact Flint divorce/bankruptcy attorney Terry Bankert if you have questions. The automatic stay that stops collection actions against you , and the phone calls, when you file for bankruptcy will nnot stop in the following .

In what are called domestic proceedings the following are continued.

A. The setting and collection of current child support and alimony.

B. The collection of back child support and alimony from property that is not in the bankruptcy estate.

C.The determination of child custody and visitation.

D.A lawsuit to establish paternity.

E. An action to modify child support and alimony.

F.Proceedings to protect a spouse or a child from domestic violence.

G.Witholding of income to collect child support.

H.reporting of overdue support to credit bureaus.

I.The interception of tax refunds to pay back child support.

J. Witholding, suspension, or restriction of drivers license and professional license as leverage to collect child support.

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